Red Kratom Review

red kratom review

An in-depth Red Kratom Review should not only inform but also satisfy the reader. We know that you rely on us to research and bring you substance. We shall not disappoint you. Red Kratom is a popular variety owing to its high potency. However, there are numerous strains, and these can confuse both new and experienced users.

You might have come across other varieties such as the White and Green Kratom. These two are mainly stimulants. Pain relief is the Red Vein’s unique selling point. While all Kratom plants contain alkaloids, the Red variety includes a special one, the 7-OH-mitragynine. An alkaloid is a chemical that modifies your brain’s chemistry to produce feelings like pain relief and relaxation.

Our review is not a scientific document but an insight into the effects, dosage, and where you can buy your Kratom. We will also throw in a few lines on the adverse effects but let us now focus on the benefits.

Red Kratom Effects

One of the reasons users love Red Kratom is the sedating effect it has on their organs. The herb behaves almost like the anesthesia used by doctors to numb sections of the body before surgery. In short, Red Vein Kratom effects are as follows:

Sedation: People who are terminally ill do require medicine that helps relieve the stress and depression that comes with their condition. Usually, such illnesses have no cure, but patients can live more productively through care and management.

Red Kratom helps users lift their minds away from troubling issues. It makes you feel relaxed, nothing else matters. Even the problems you are having appear to fade away.

Pain relief: A long term ailment, as earlier mentioned, may leave you exposed to regular bouts of pain. You could also have survived an accident, but there is occasional pain that the doctor tells you will linger. The Red Kratom helps in eradicating the pain, at least momentarily.

Also, you might be having an aged person in your household that suffers from chronic pain. Red Vein Kratom contains alkaloids that provide relief from pain. Besides, many who use this herb variant claim that its effects outlast those of the Green or White Kratom.

red kratom dosage

Recommended Dosage

A Kratom overdose can leave you with nausea or headaches. Besides, you might end up with tolerance. In the worst-case scenario, you could become a Kratom addict. Since we are here to assist, we have prepared Red Vein Kratom dosage requirements based on feedback from experienced users.

Since the Red Kratom is a naturally occurring substance, you may be tempted to think that it would be harmless to take it in large amounts. Finding your dose calls for experimenting with different measures and comparing the effects. As you do this, we advise that you do not take too much at once. Here now are our instructions:

  • First-timers: Take 1g of Red Kratom in the first hour. After this duration, gauge how you felt and if the supplement brought out the effect you expected. If not, you can try with another gram of the substance.
  • Experienced users: The dosage will depend on the symptom you want to eradicate. For instance, if the subject is battling depression, four to five grams are enough. However, for pain relief, we suggest giving them nine grams.
  • Caveat: Red Kratom does not work the same way for everyone. The difference occurs due to body mass, fitness level, health, and whether you are taking it on a full or empty stomach.

If you like consuming Kratom in powder form, consider masking its taste with a fruit drink, water, or coffee. However, some users prefer to avoid the herb’s bitter taste by using capsules.

Each method is excellent but with some variations. For example, the body will absorb powder Kratom faster than if you ingested the capsules. The only problem with the former is that you must weigh the product on a scale, and this could be tedious and untidy. As for pills, you take the exact dosage with no untidiness.

Popular Strains

As we said earlier, Red Kratom is a popular variety. Since it comes from different parts of the world, each region has its variant. Popular strains include:

  • Red Indo
  • Red Vietnam
  • Red Horn
  • Red Riau

Red Vietnam vs. Red Horn Kratom Comparison

Red Vietnam produces intense pain relief. It also has a long-lasting, relaxing effect. If you need a mood-booster, this is your Kratom. Besides, it tackles problems associated with reduced or lack of sleep. Unlike other red strains, Vietnam is mild.

Unlike what other reviews state, the Red Horn Kratom is not a hybrid of Maeng Da. To set the record straight, Maeng Da is not a leaf strain but just a marketing name. Red Horn leaves have a unique appearance; they are jagged.

At low doses, Red Horn Kratom delivers a boost in physical and mental energy. Besides, it also helps relieve pain and remove anxiety. At high doses, it produces opiate-like effects. Also, on average, the herb promotes both mental and physical relaxation.

Of the two strains, we felt that at low doses, Red Vietnam Kratom is more effective at pain relief than Red Horn. However, at a similar treatment, Red Horn is a strong relaxer as compared to Red Vietnam, which is mild.

Recommended Red Strains From My Top 3 Kratom Vendors

Coastline Kratom

You can buy Red Horned Kratom from Coastline Kratom. Theirs has a smooth feeling plus it has a deep red appearance. However, we went searching for Red Vietnam on the site but did not find it. Do not be disappointed as you can try their Red Vein Borneo Kratom.


PurKratom is a retailer that we hold in high esteem. The seller imports Kratom directly from the growing regions. They too did not have Red Vietnam. Besides, the Red Horn is not in their stocks either. Our two selected strains from PurKratom are Red Vein Borneo and Red Kapuas Kratom.


BuyKratom is an exclusively powdered Kratom seller. We singled-out Thai Red Veil Kratom and Red Veil Kali Kratom